Welcome everyone to the new website, in a new home, with a new look. Unfortunately, it’s the same old me and updates will always be sporadic!

However, this year there is a planned number of projects that will be occuring, some that have been banking up for some time.

Timetable for the next 12 months:

The RPi handheld will continue to be worked on, now using the RPi Zero W instead of the original RPi 2. This is making the project much easier. There is some work already done but yet to be posted.

Electronics stuff

RPi handheld board layout and soldering

RPi Board fitment and installation

RPi testing and adaptions

Atari repairs

A few non tech projects will be coming up this year, pending availability of parts. As with the Toyota Soarer drag build, a new build will be commencing with a Toyota 86 and a donor fully rebuilt, bored and ported Toyota 1UZFE

Car stuff

Toyota 86 wreck cleanup

Toyota 86 engine removal and repairs

Toyota 86 v8 (1uz) engine install

Toyota 86 v8 (1uz) supercharger install

Toyota can bus / arduino setup

(Possible) Android dash install

Each segment will probably include a video segment with it in order to enhance the content. All content will be on the enigma-penguin YT page.

Until next time, peace.